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Born in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1933 artist Lawrence Fane  lived and worked in new York City for more than 40 Years.

Early on he served as an apprentice to sculptor George Demetrios.

He moved to New York City in1966 joining theArt Faculty of Queens College where he taught sculpture until 1966.

He had numerous one person shows in New York at various galleries. 

In 2002 The Univeristy of Richmond Museum and the Muscarelle Museum in Virginia collaborated on a twenty-five year retrospective of Fane's drawings and sculpture entitled "Machines of  the Mind".

In 2006 he participated in the "Whithney Biennial Exhibition" as a contributor to the Mark Di Suvero "peace Tower".

The Zabriskie Gallery in New York hosted and exhibition of his Purifier wall sculptures to accompany an evening of book signing of his artist book MT/LF: A sculptor's dialogue with Mariano Taccola, Fifteen-Century Italian Artist-Engineer, published by the PonytLa Vue Press.

Lawrence Fane died in 2008 at 75.

In 2012 Danese Gallery featured his work in a retrospective show.

He is featured in a Documentary directed and conceived by Paola Mieli titled "An Object of No Name In the Act of Doing Its Job".

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